MediaSite Live

Penn State University MediaSite Live logoMediaSite is used for recording, distributing, archiving and viewing of "media rich" presentations. MediaSite recordings go beyond PowerPoint and capture and integrate a wide range of visual content - smart boards, document cameras, digital photography and graphics tablets can all be part of a presentation. Presenters can show any type of document at any point in a presentation.

View Penn State MediaSite Live presentationsPenn State MediaSite Live.

Rooms Available with MediaSite Live:

  • 112 Kern
  • 100 Thomas
  • 101 Thomas

  • 108 Wartik
  • 100 Life Science
  • 22 Biobehavioral Health

Contact Information: For information on MediaSite Live please send email to

To schedule a MediaSite Live presentation, complete the online MediaSite Live request form.  All requests must be received at least 3 business days before the presentation.