Visiting Groups - Pattee & Paterno Libraries

Guidelines for Visiting the Libraries

Penn State classes and affiliated groups

Timing of your visit

Library instruction sessions are most effective when students already have an assignment in hand. Please schedule your session with this in mind.

Request a Group Tour

Group Tour Request Form

Requesting an Instruction Session.

When requesting an instruction session, the form will ask for the following information:

  • College
  • Class Name
  • Section Number
  • Time it meets
  • Course Designations
  • Number of students
  • Assignment

Please complete the instruction request form to request a Library Instruction Session.


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Groups not affiliated with Penn State

Timing of Your Visit.

The best time to schedule your visit is when Penn State is not in session (University Calendar). We will make every effort to accommodate your requests, but visits must be scheduled at an available and approved time.

Group Size. Each library has limitations on the number of students it can accommodate. Large groups require special accommodations. At some locations, large groups cannot be accommodated.

Goal of your visit. Your students should already have an assignment or topic

Borrower Cards. Pennsylvania residents may register as Penn State Univeristy Libraries borrowers. In order to receive a card, your students will need to bring a valid form of Photo Identification (school I.D., driver’s license, or passport). Students who sign up for a library card are required to follow the lending code and are responsible for returning their materials by the due date.

Computer Use. If your students will need to use computers during their visit, they will require authorized accounts that must be arranged for in advance. The following is required:

  • This Excel Spreadsheet --

    -- must be fully completed, including the students’ names, addresses, and photo identification information. The accounts cannot be issued if the spreadsheet is missing any information.
  • The teacher requesting a class is responsible for providing the above information. The teacher may also serve as “guardian” for any students who are minors and do not have photo ID. If the teacher is acting as guardian for more than one student, that information must be repeated within the spreadsheet for all subsequent students. If there are any blank fields, the accounts cannot be issued.
  • The accounts will be issued for the day of the visit, and are only good for that day.
  • Account users must agree to abide by Penn State’s Information Assurance and IT Security Policy (AD95). If you wish to provide a summary of their computer and internet access responsibilities, use this policy.

Requesting an Instruction Session. When requesting an instruction session, the form will ask for the following information:

  • Number of students
  • Number of teachers
  • Number of chaperones (if different from instructors)
  • Grade
  • Assignment