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During summer and fall 2020, we remain committed to the safety and support of our students, colleagues, and community.  We look forward to collaborating with you to identify flexible and safe options for integrating information literacy instruction into your courses, including: synchronous (librarian-led Zoom workshops), asynchronous (web-based learning objects, video tutorials, and LibGuides), and embedded librarian options. Please continue to collaborate with your librarian to identify the best options and strategies for you and your students.

We require at least two weeks notice and three possible dates in order to accommodate your class, the librarian's schedules, and room availability.

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If you are teaching an asynchronous class, please fill in the assignment due dates instead of possible class times.

Possible Class Times. Please specify the date, time (if applicable), and number of students in your class.

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You may request a specific librarian - we will try to accommodate.