Leisure Viewing Collection

For Your Viewing Pleasure

The Leisure Viewing Collection is a collection of DVDs purchased not to support any academic work, but for you to enjoy at your leisure.

We have complete runs of favorite television shows such as “Big Bang Theory,” “Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones,” and “This Is Us.”

We also have a fine collection of first-run movies such as "Wonder," "Darkest Hour," "It," and "Murder on the Orient Express."

The DVD collection is located in the Franklin Atrium of Pattee Library, first floor.

If you are wondering if we have a particular television series or a movie in our collection, you can search the CAT or LionSearch to find out. Our location designation is “Pattee - 1st Floor - Leisure Reading Collection.”

These DVDs can be borrowed for seven days. Take any DVD container to the Common Services Desk for check out.

If you would like to recommend a movie or a television series for the Leisure Viewing Collection, please send your suggestions to Glenn Masuchika at gnm1@psu.