Interlibrary Loan

The Interlibrary Loan Department supports the scholarly research and curriculum needs of Penn State faculty, staff and students. Through agreements with other libraries, books and materials that are not owned by the Penn State University Libraries are obtained for Penn State students, faculty, and staff, and Penn State books and materials are loaned to other libraries. Visit Interlibrary Loan Services for more information.

Department Contact Information

504 Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802

Interlibrary Loan Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Shane Burris Resource Sharing Systems Coordinator 814-863-4296
Makenzie Coduti Resource Sharing Specialist 814-863-4334
Eleanor Domico Part-Time Staff 814-865-3480
Rebecca Elias Resource Sharing Specialist 814-865-1944
Jennifer Funk Resource Sharing Specialist 814-867-0568
Reese Keyes Part-Time Staff 814-865-3480
Yelena Likhonina Resource Sharing and Delivery Services Specialist 814-863-4320
Alissa Mann Resource Sharing Specialist 814-863-4349
Meg Massey Manager Interlibrary Loan 814-863-5634
Barbara Morar Resource Sharing Specialist 814-863-4362
Jean W. Voigt Resource Sharing Specialist 814-867-0813
Cody Williams Adaptive Technologies and Delivery Services Specialist 814-865-7209
Mallory Witzig Delivery Services Coordinator 814-865-6823