Records Transfer, Retrieval, and Destruction

Transferring Records to IRC

Recycled boxes are free, if available, and can be obtained by contacting the IRC. They can be delivered to offices or can be picked up. Otherwise, boxes can be purchased through Penn State’s General Stores.

Boxes can be delivered to us or can be scheduled for pick up and delivery by Courier Services.

Requests for delivery services should be directed to us through one of our communication channels.

Retrieving Documents from the IRC

A request may be made for the return of a file or box, or for a photocopy of the record. Information may also be given over the telephone or faxed to your office if needed, depending on the confidentiality status of the records.

When making a request for a record, you will need to provide us with the box number, location number, budget number, and a detailed description of the record.

Records requested for return to the department can be picked up or transported via Courier Services. Once received, requests are processed immediately and delivered within a 24 hour period.

Requests for record retrieval should be directed to us through one of our communication channels.

Returning Documents to the IRC

When a file or box needs to be re-filed, please contact us to schedule pick up via courier.

Destruction of Stored Records

When records located at the IRC are due for destruction or transfer to University Archives, a Destruction Authorization List form will be sent to the department for approval. This needs to be signed by the department and returned to the IRC.

We also obtain the signature of the Records Management Officer before any records are destroyed. Once we receive the approved Destruction Authorization List, the records will be pulled and shredded, or sent to University Archives for permanent storage.

Blue/White Shredding Program

The IRC, in conjunction with the Office of Physical Plant (OPP) Recycling and Waste Management program, shred sensitive and confidential records and media, including:

  • Financial records
  • Student records
  • Health-related information
  • Employee Personnel files
  • Anything that contains Personal Identification Information (PII)
  • Anything that contains information classified as Moderate (Level 2) or above by Policy AD95 Information Assurance and IT Security

NOTE: We do not shred mixed office material, which often includes personal mail and documents.

There is a fee for service ($15) for every bag or bin picked up. Please contact the Blue/White Shredding Program by calling 814-863-2703 or by sending email to for more information about joining this program.

Destruction of Records Not Stored at the IRC

Some departments may have records that need to be destroyed, but are not enrolled in the Blue Bag Shredding program. In this case, contact us with a request to pick up the files. The Records Center Destruction Authorization form must be completed and sent with the records, which will be approved for destruction by the Records Management Officer. Service costs are listed in the Rates Schedule.