Three Mile Island Reports

The TMI-2 reports collection consists of several hundred technical reports, conference papers, and documents that relate to the cleanup project. A number of the reports have been scanned and are available on this page in chronological order. All of the reports in the collection are indexed and searchable in the reports database

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Three Mile Island Reports (full text)
Title Date Report No. Accession No.
Summary Technical Plan for TMI-2 Decontamination and Defueling December 12, 1979 (na) R0286
Early Decontamination of TMI-II Reactor Building February 1, 1981 TPO/TMI-006 R0190
Accountability Study for TMI-2 Fuel May 1, 1981 GEND-016 R0021
Quick Look Report Entry 1, Three Mile Island Unit 2, July 23 1980 June 1, 1981 GEND-INF-001 R0070
First Results of TMI-2 Sump Samples Analysis - Entry 10 July 1, 1981 GEND-INF-011 R0080
Quick Look Report Entry 2, Three Mile Island Unit 2, August 15, 1980 July 1, 1981 GEND-INF-002 R0071
Quick Look Report on HP-RT-0211 Multivalued Behavior July 1, 1981 GEND-INF-008 R0077
Quick Look Report, Entry 5, Three Mile Island Unit 2, December 11, 1980 August 1, 1981 GEND-INF-005 R0074
Quick Look Report, Entry 6, Three Mile Island Unit 2, February 3 and 5, 1981 August 1, 1981 GEND-INF-006 R0075
Quick Look Report, Entry 7, Three Mile Island Unit 2, March 17, 19 , and 20, 1981 August 1, 1981 GEND-INF-007 R0076
HP-RT-211 Cable Analysis September 1, 1981 GEND-INF-010 R0079
TMI-2 Seminar, San Francisco, California, December 4-5, 1981 December 1, 1981 (na) R0229
Field Measurements and Interpretation of TMI-2 Instrumentation: HP -R-212 January 1, 1982 GEND-INF-017, v.8 R0096
Field Measurements and Interpretations of TMI-2 Instrumentation: H P-R-213 January 1, 1982 GEND-INF-017, v.9 R0097
First Report of the Technical Assistance and Advisory Group, March 1, 1982 March 1, 1982 TAAG-0008 R0254
Static In Situ Test of the Axial Power Shaping Rod and Shim Safety Control Rod Mechanisms August 1, 1982 GEND-INF-026 R0115
Third Report of Technical Assistance and Advisory Group, August 31 , 1982 August 31, 1982 (na) R0255
Reactor Building Basement Radionuclide Distribution Studies October 1, 1982 GEND-INF-011, v.2 R0081
Fourth Report of the TMI-2 Technical Assistance and Advisory Group , December 1, 1982 December 1, 1982 (na) R0257
Quick Look Inspection Results December 1, 1982 TPO/TMI-026 R0197
Additional Addenda to Third Report of TAAG, December 29, 1982 December 29, 1982 (na) R0256
TMI-2 Core Accountability January 1, 1983 TPO/TMI-035 R0191
Submerged Demineralizer System Processing of TMI-2 Accident Waste Water February 1, 1983 GEND-031 R0037
Quick Look Inspection: Report on the Insertion of a Camera Into th e TMI-2 Reactor Vessel Through a Lead Screw Opening - Volume I March 1, 1983 GEND-030, v.1 R0035
Reactor Building Basement Radionuclide and Source Distribution Studies June 1, 1983 GEND-INF-011, v.3 R0082
Sixth Report of the Technical Assistance and Advisory Group (TAAG) , April 1, 1983 - August 1, 1983 August 1, 1983 (na) R0259
Summary Report: Development and Application of Technology Transfer Techniques for TMI-2 R & D Information October 1, 1983 GEND-INF-033 R0126
Sequoyah Unit 1 Charge Converter Examination Results January 1, 1984 GEND-INF-046 R0139
Chemical Analysis and Test Results for Sections of the TMI-2 H8 Leadscrew February 1, 1984 TPO/TMI-103 R0200
Dose Modeling Underhead Source April 1, 1984 TPO/TMI-042 R0198
Draft Eight Report of the Technical Assistance and Advisory Group (TAAG) April 1, 1984 (na) R0260
Design and Operation of the Core Topography Data Acquisition System for TMI-2 May 1, 1984 GEND-INF-012 R0083
TMI-2 Core Debris Grab Samples Analysis of First Group Samples June 1, 1984 EEG-TMI-6630 R0232
TMI-2 Defueling Concept Which Allows the Use of Long Handled Defueling Tools July 1, 1984 TPO/TMI-135 R0230
TMI-2 H8A Core Debris Sample Examination Final Report July 1984 July 1, 1984 RDD:85:5097-01:01 R0228
Ninth Report of the Technical Assistance and Advisory Group (TAAG) , April 1, 1984 - August 1, 1984 August 1, 1984 (na) R0261
Radioactive Waste Management Summary Review August 1, 1984 TPO/TMI-043 R0199
Twelfth Report of the Technical Assistance and Advisory Group (TAA G), June 1, 1985 - September 1, 1985 September 1, 1984 (na) R0263
Examination of Solenoid Valves AH-EP-5037 and AH-EP-5039 and Limit Switches AH-KS-5037 and AH-KS-5039 December 1, 1984 GEND-INF-018 R0101
Tenth Report of the Technical Assistance and Advisory Group (TAAG) , August 1, 1984 - December 1, 1984 December 1, 1984 (na) R0262
TMI-2 Core Debris-Cesium Release/Settling Test December 1, 1984 GEND-INF-060, v.3 R0155
TMI-2 Defueling System Design Description March 1, 1985 GEND-INF-065 R0160
TMI-2 Reactor Vessel Head Removal March 1, 1985 TPO/TMI-163 R0202
Determination of Fuel Distribution in TMI-2 Based on Axial Neutron Flux Profile April 1, 1985 TPO/TMI-165 R0203
Fuel Conditions and Locations April 1, 1985 TPO/TMI-166 R0195
Solid-state Recorder Neutron Dosimetry in the Three Mile Island Un it-2 Reactor Cavity May 1, 1985 GEND-INF-059 R0152
TMI-2 H8A Core Debris Sample Examination Final Report May 1985 May 1, 1985 GEND-INF-060, v.2 R0154
Analysis of Gamma Scanning of In-core Detector #18 (L-11) in Lower Reactor Vessel Head June 1, 1985 TPO/TMI-175 R0205
Core Material Volumetric Sensitivity Study June 1, 1985 TPO/TMI-158 R0194
Canister Quantity Estimate July 1, 1985 TPO/TMI-152 R0193
Preliminary Report: TMI-2 Core Debris Grab Samples -- Analysis of F irst Group of Samples July 1, 1985 GEND-INF-060, v.1 R0153
Analysis of the TMI-2 Dome Radiation Monitor August 1, 1985 GEND-INF-063 R0158
Post Accident Examination of Platinum Resistance Thermometers Installed in the TMI-2 Reactor September 1, 1985 GEND-INF-064 R0159
TMI-2 Cable/Connections Program FY-85 Status Report September 1, 1985 GEND-INF-068  R0163
TMI-2 Post-Accident Dose Reduction Through Coating Removal September 1, 1985 TPO/TMI-178 R0206
Commercial Disposal of High Integrity Containers (HICs) Containing EPICOR-II Prefilters From Three Mile Island October 1, 1985 GEND-048 R0054
ANS Executive Conference TMI-2: A Learning Experience Preparation for the Clean-up: Assessing the Damage October 14, 1985 MPR-889 R0265
Analysis of the Polar Crane Pendant Cable from Three Mile Island Unit 2 January 1, 1986 GEND-INF-069 R0164
Thirteenth Report of the Technical Assistance and Advisory Group ( TAAG), September 1, 1985 - January 31 1986 January 3, 1986 (na) R0264
TMI-2 Defueling Tools Engineering Report February 1, 1986 GEND-INF-073 R0168
Examination of the Leadscrew Support Tube from Three Mile Island Reactor Unit 2 March 1, 1986 GEND-INF-067 R0162
Strategy for Recovery Program Completion and Post-Recovery Configuration July 1, 1986 TPO/TMI-186, Rev. O R0196
Development of a Process Flowsheet for the Elution of Radiocesium from the TMI-2 Makeup and Purification Demineralizers (R0085) October 1, 1986 GEND-INF-013, v.2 R0085
Development of a Process Flowsheet for the Elution of Radiocesium from the TMI-2 Makeup and Purification Demineralizers (R0018) October 1, 1986 GEND-013, v.2 R0018
Core Conditions Design Basis December 1, 1986 TPO/TMI-151, Rev.1 R0192
Reactor Coolant System Sample Results December 1, 1986 TPO/TMI-122 R0201
Drop Tests of the Three Mile Island Knockout Canister January 1, 1987 GEND-058 R0064
TMI-2 Sequence of Events Database Version 2.0 February 1, 1987 GEND-INF-079 R0175
TMI-2 Core Cavity Sides and Floor Examinations December 1985 and January 1986 February 1, 1987 GEND-INF 074 R0169
Lessons Learned from Hydrogen Generation and Burning During the TM I-2 Event March 1, 1987 RHO-RE-EV-95P R0226
Examination of the TMI-2 Core Distinct Components September 1, 1987 GEND-INF-082 R0178
TMI-2 RCS Manway Cover Backing Plates Surface Deposit Examinations September 1, 1987 GEND-INF-080 R0176
TMI-2 Core Horseshoe Ring Examinations October 1, 1987 GEND-INF-083 R0179
CB Version 2.0: TMI-2 Core Bore (CB) Data Base November 1, 1987 GEND-INF-076 R0172
Examination of Debris from the Lower Head of the TMI-2 Reactor January 1, 1988 GEND-INF-084 R0180
TMI-2 Reactor Coolant System Surface Deposit Examination (Draft) January 1, 1988 GEND-INF-089 R0185
Test Data Report for Quarter Scale NuPac 125-B Rail Cask Model February 1, 1988 GEND-INF-091 R0187
Chronology of Significant Events - March 1979 through May 1988 May 1, 1988 (na) R0247
Overview and Organization of Three Mile Island Unit 2 Vessel Inves tigation Project October 1, 1988 (na) R0251
Removal of Test Specimens from the TMI-2 Reactor Vessel Bottom Hea d - Summary of Work During 30 Day In-Vessel Period April 16, 1990 (na) R0250
Removal of Test Specimens From the TMI-2 Reactor Vessel Bottom Hea d Project Summary -- Phase 4 Status Report October 1, 1990 MPR-1195 R0236
Metallographic Investigation of TMI-2 Lower Pressure Vessel Head Samples January 1, 1992 TMIV(92)E002 R0238
Examination Report of the Samples of the TMI-2 RPV Received by SCK /CEN (Belgium) March 25, 1992 N3/120/WVM/WH/ai R0237
Metallographic Examinations of TMI-2 RPV Lower Head Sample E-8 and the Archive Material of Midland Reactor April 1, 1992 TMIV(92)SF01 R0242
CEA Contributions to the TMI-2 Vessel Material Investigation Project - May 1992 May 1, 1992 N.T. SRMA 92-1956 R0267
Service de Recherches Metallurgiques Appliques May 1, 1992 N.T.SRMA 92-1956 R0249
TMI-2 Vessel Investigation Project - Creep Tests (Spanish Results) May 1, 1992 TMIV(92)E004 R0239
Companion Sample Examinations July 1, 1992 TMIV(92)EG10 R0241
Three Mile Island Unit 2 Vessel Investigation Project Conclusions and Significance January 1, 1993 (na) R0252
Fifth Report of the TMI-2 Technical Assistance and Advisory Group (TAAG), April 1, 1983 April 1, 1993 (na) R0258
Calculations to Estimate the Margin to Failure in the TMI-2 Vessel October 1, 1993 TMI V993)EG01 R0245
TMI-2 Vessel Investigation Project (TMI-VIP) Findings November 23, 1993 (na) R0253