Additional Resources on Three Mile Island Unit 2

Thousands of articles, technical reports, and conference papers have been written on the TMI-2 accident and cleanup. The content of these vary from very general to highly technical. The publications can be found at many college, university, and larger public libraries. Consult the librarians at these locations for assistance with your TMI-2 research.

Articles and Conference Papers

To locate articles in journals and conference papers, use a database. Some of the more useful ones are listed here:

  • "Compendex" -- very good source for articles and conference papers (subscription-based)
  • Energy Citations Database” -- very good source for technical reports (free web-based resource)
  • Google Scholar” -- good source for technical and non-technical publications (free web-based resource)


To locate books on this topic, consult a library's online catalog,, or Google. Only a relatively small number of books have been published on TMI-2, and many of these were written within a year or two of the accident.

Useful Works on TMI-2

Osif, B.A., A.J. Baratta, and T.W. Conkling. TMI 25 Years Later: The Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Accident and Its Impact. University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2004. This book provides a concise overview of the TMI-2 accident and its cleanup, and reviews the associated health and environmental effects.

Walker, J. Samuel. Three Mile Island: A Nuclear Crisis in Historical Perspective. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2004. This work is a comprehensive history of the Three Mile Island Unit 2 nuclear plant accident.

Henry, R.E. TMI-2: An Event in Accident Management for Light-Water-Moderated Reactors. LaGrange Park, IL: American Nuclear Society, 2011. This book presents a detailed technical review of the TMI-2 accident and provides related accident management insights.

Wood, Sandra, and S. Schultz. Three Mile Island: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography. New York: Greenwood Press, 1988. This book contains a comprehensive listing of articles, technical reports, and government documents on TMI-2 that were published through the mid-1980s.

Holton, W.C., C.A. Negrin, and S.L. Owrutsky. The Cleanup of Three Mile Island Unit 2: A Technical History: 1979 to 1990. Palo Also, CA: Electric Power Research Institute, 1990. EPRI NP-6931. This is a comprehensive history of the technical aspects of the accident and cleanup. This is available on the EPRI web site.

Bodansky, David. Nuclear Energy: Principles, Practices, and Prospects. Woodbury, N.Y.: American Institute of Physics, 1996. This book devotes a chapter to TMI, Chernobyl, and other nuclear accidents.

Jagger, John. The Nuclear Lion: What Every Citizen Should Know About Nuclear Power and Nuclear War. New York: Plenum Press, 1991. This book has a chapter on nuclear accidents including TMI, Chernobyl, and Windscale.

Nuclear Technology, vol.87, issues no.1-4, August-December, 1989. These four special issues of the journal Nuclear Technology contain dozens of articles, photos, and diagrams on all aspects of TMI-2. The articles are technical in nature.

Articles on Health Effects

This is a sampling of articles written on the potential health effects of the TMI-2 accident.

Levin, R.J. “Incidence of thyroid cancer in residents surrounding the Three Mile Island nuclear facility.” Laryngoscope v.118, n.4, 2008, pp.618-628.

Field, R.W. “Three Mile Island epidemiologic radiation dose assessment revisited: 25 years after the accident.” Radiation Protection Dosimetry, v.113, n.2, 2005, pp.214-217.

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Wing, Steve et al. “A reevaluation of cancer incidence near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant: The collision of evidence and assumptions.” Environmental Health Perspectives, v.105, n.1, January 1997, pp.52-57.

Hatch, M.C. et al. “Cancer rates after the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and proximity of residence to the plant.” American Journal of Public Health, v.81, n.6, June 1991, pp. 719-724.

Hatch, M.C. et al. “Cancer near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant: radiation emissions.” American Journal of Epidemiology, v.132, n.3, September 1990, pp. 397-412.