Trustees Revise University’s Charter And Standing Orders


November 22, 2002

University Park, Pa. – The Board of Trustees today (Nov. 22) approved a revision to Penn State’s Charter and Standing Orders that provides a new process for the election of business and industry trustees.

The reference to “industrial trustees” under the membership of the board section of the University’s Charter and Standing Orders will now read “business and industry trustees” to better reflect a broadened scope of expertise.

When the provision for the initial selection of “industrial” trustees was established in 1875, engineering, mining, manufacturing and mechanical endeavors were strong economic factors throughout Pennsylvania. “Times have changed, the economy has evolved, and it is appropriate to recognize all business and industry interests in general, including engineering, mining, manufacturing and mechanical endeavors,” said Cynthia Baldwin, chair of the ad hoc committee for election of business and industry trustees.

The revisions provide for a nomination process of candidates from a broad base. The president of the Board of Trustees annually will appoint a five-member Selection Group on Board Membership for Business and Industry Trustees. That selection group will be composed of three seated or emeriti trustees representing business and industry endeavors excluding those standing for reelection; and two trustees from among those elected by the alumni, or elected by agricultural associations, or appointed by the governor.

The selection group will review the pool of candidates and recommend two candidates for membership on the Board of Trustees representing business and industry endeavors. The names and qualifications of the candidates will then be submitted to the Board of Trustees for confirmation.