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The collection has approximately 550 books, 33 viewmaster reels, 1 video, 17 journal titles, and 20 theses. The books are arranged by Library of Congress call number with the majority of the books being in the QK area.

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Recent Additions
Call Number Title
GR760.T6M67 1995 Toads and toadstools: the natural history, folklore, and cultural oddities of a strange association. Adrian Morgan. Berkeley, Calif. : Celestial Arts, ©1995.
QH465.R3W67 1956 Work conference on radiation induced mutations, May 23 and 24, 1956. Work Conference on Radiation Induced Mutations. 1956.
QH401.U5 1955 Mutation: report of symposium held June 15 to 17, 1955. Brookhaven National Laboratory. Biology Dept., Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1956.
QK540.5.G82 1947 Mosses with a hand-lens : A popular guide to the common or conspicuous mosses and liverworts of the United States and Canada. 4th ed. Abel Joel Grout. Newfane, Vt. : The author, [1947].
QK587.5.N38H56 2007 Macrolichens of New England: descriptions, color illustration, identification keys, conservation status. James W. Hinds. New York Botanical Garden Press, ©2007.
QK600.35.A35 2001 Ainsworth & Bisby's dictionary of the fungi. 9th Edition. P.M. Kirk [et al]. CABI Publishing, 2001.
QK600.35.U4513 2000 Illustrated dictionary of mycology. Miguel Ulloa and Richard T. Hanlin. APS Press, ©2000.
QK601.G76 1994 Fungal physiology. 2nd Edition. David H. Griffin. New York : Wiley-Liss, ©1994.
QK601.S73 2005 Mycelium running: how mushrooms can help save the World. Paul Stamets. Ten Speed Press, ©2005.
QK602.M66 2002 Essential fungal genetics. David D. Moore and Lily Ann Novak Frazer. New York: Springer, ©2002.
QK603.A5 1971 Ainsworth & Bisby's dictionary of the fungi. G.C. (Geoffrey Clough) Ainsworth. Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux [for the] Commonwealth Mycological Institute, 1971.
QK603.D84 2008 Fungi in the ancient world: how mushrooms, mildews, molds, and yeast shaped the early civilizations of Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Near East. Frank M. Dugan. APS Press, 2008.
QK603.D87 2006 Identification of fungi: an illustrated introduction with keys, glossary, and guide to literature. Frank H. Dugan. American Phytopathological Society, 2006.
QK603.K46 2000 Fifth kingdom. 3rd Edition. Bryce Kendrick. Newburyport MA : Focus Pub., ©2000.
QK603.M59 2002 Mr. Bloomfield's orchard: the mysterious world of mushrooms, molds, and mycologists. Nicholas P. Money. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.
QK603.N69 2000 Mycology reference cards. Robert K. Noyd. St. Paul, Minn.: American Phytopathological Society, 2000.
QK604.5.G73 1993 Meandering mushroomer. Dick Graham. Arden Specialties, c1993.
QK605.5.H3H45 2002 Mushrooms of Hawai'i: an identification guide. Don E. Hemmes and Dennis E. Desjardin. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, ©2002.
QK605.5.P4R87 2006 Field guide to wild mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic. Bill Russell. Pennsylvania State University Press, ©2006.
QK605.5.W2P5 2003 Ecology and management of commercially harvested chanterelle mushrooms. David Pilz. Portland Oregon: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, [2003].
QK609.I85D53 2004 Impact of the family Agaricaceae (F.) Cohn on nutrition and medicine. Maryna Didukh. A.R.G. Gantner, 2004.
QK617.A69 1986 Mushrooms demystified: a comprehensive guide to the fleshy fungi. 2nd Edition. David Arora. Berkeley : Ten Speed Press, ©1986.
QK617.B483 1997 Mushrooms of northeastern North America. 1st Edition. Alan E. Bessette, Arleen R. Bessette, David W. Fischer. Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1997.
QK617.C48 Keys to the Common Fleshy Fungi. Clyde Martin Christensen. Burgess Pub. Co., ©1946.
QK617.D37 2008 Mushroom, its wild relatives. Nilanjana Das. Researchco Book Centre: 2008.
QK617.E37 2003 Edible and poisonous mushrooms of the world. Ian R. Hall ... [et al.]. Portland: Timber Press, 2003.
QK617.L56 National Audubon Society field guide to North American mushrooms. Gary Lincoff. Knopf : 1981.
QK617.L248 2002 Mushrooms. 2nd American Edition. Thomas Laessoe. New York: DK Pub., 2002.
QK617.M57 2013 Science of mushrooms. Shubhrata R. Mishra. Discovery Pub. House, 2013.
QK617.P23413 Simon & Schuster's Guide to mushrooms. Giovanni Pacioni. New York : Simon and Schuster, ©1981.
QK617.S582 1949 Mushrooms in their natural habitats. Alexander H. Smith. New York : Hafner Press, [197_, c1949].
QK617.T52 2003 Field guide to mushrooms: based on Field book of common mushrooms by William S. Thomas. Revised, updated, and with illustrations and photographs by Marie F. Heerkens. New York: Sterling Pub., ©2003.
QK623.A1F8 v.5 pt.3 Fungi of Switzerland: a contribution to the knowledge of the fungal flora of Switzerland. J. Breitenbach and F. Kranzlin. Lucerne (Switzerland): Verlag Mykologia, ©1984- .
QK623.H86H86 2006 Hypocreales of the southeastern United States: an identification guide. Gary J. Samuels. Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, 2006.
QK625.D4S56 2007 Q Alternaria: an identification manual: fully illustrated and with catalog raisonnè 1796-2007. Emory Guy Simmons. CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre, 2007.
QK625.M7J33 2001 Leptographium species: tree pathogens, insect associates, and agents of blue-stain. Karin Jacobs and Michael J. Wingfield. St. Paul, Minn.: APS Press, ©2001.
QK625.M7K55 2002 Identification of common Aspergillus species. 1st Edition. Maren A. Klich. Utrecht, Netherlands: Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, ©2002.
QK627.A1C84 2003 Illustrated genera of rust fungi. 3rd Edition. George B. Cummins. St. Paul, Minn.: American Phytopathological Society, ©2003.
QK627.G9K47 A revised taxonomic account of Gymnosporangium. Frank Dunn Kern. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1973.
QK628.A1V36 2002 Illustrated genera of smut fungi. 2nd Edition. Kálmán Vánky. St. Paul, Minn.: APS Press, ©2002.
QK628.A1F58 1953 Manual of the North American smut fungi. George William Fischer. New York : Ronald Press Co., [1953].
QK629.A4K36 1971 v.2 Gilled mushrooms (Agaricaceae) of Michigan and the Great Lakes region. C.H. (Calvin Henry) Kauffman. Dover Publications, [1971].
QK629.A44S72 2002 Mycomedicinals: an informational treatise on mushrooms. 3rd Edition. Paul Stamets. Olympia, WA : MycoMedia, ©2002.
QK629.A53N48 2004 Amaniteae: Amanita, Limacella & Torrendia. P. (Pierre) Neville. Candusso, 2004.
QK629.C3P4713 1997 Chanterelle book. Olle Persson. Ten Speed Press, ©1997.
QK629.P7B47 2005 Polyporaceae s.l. Annarosa Bernicchia. Alassio [Italy] : Edizioni Candusso, 2005.
QK629.T73A58 2010 Monograph of marasmioid and collybioid fungi in Europe. Antonin, Vladimir. IHW-Verlag, 2010.
QR145.U5 1964 Laboratory procedures in clinical mycology. United States. Dept. of the Army. [Washington, D.C.] : Headquarters, Dept. of the Army, 1964.
QR245.A85 2000 Atlas of clinical fungi. 2nd Edition. G.S. de Hoog ... [et al.]. Utrecht: Central Bureau voor Schimmelcultures, ©2000.
QR245.P34 2004 Pathogenic fungi: host interactions and emerging strategies for control. Norfolk: Caister 2004.
QR245.P35 2004 Pathogenic fungi: structural biology and taxonomy. Wymondham, Norfolk: Caister, ©2004.
RM666.M87H35 1999 Cordyceps: China's healing mushroom. Georges M Halpern.—1st ed.. Avery Publishing Group, Inc. ©1999.
SB352.87.I586 2007 Mushroom biology and biotechnology. International Conference on Mushroom Biology and Biotechnology. Mushroom Society of India, ©2007.
SB353.C455 2004 Mushrooms: cultivation, nutritional value, medicinal effect, and environmental impact. 2nd Edition. Chang, S.T. (Shu-ting). Boca Raton, FLa.: CRC Press, c2004.
SB353.I586 2008 Science and cultivation of edible and medicinal fungi [electronic resource] : mushroom science XVII : proceedings of the 17th Congress of the International Society for Mushroom Science, Cape Town, South Africa, 20-24 May 2008. International Society for Mushroom Science, c2008.
SB353.J15 1909 Secrets of mushroom growing simply explained: a practical handbook of the whole science of mushroom culture from the preparation of materials to the marketing of the crop. A.V. (Archie Victor) Jackson. A.V. Jackson, c1909.
SB353.S73 2000 Growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. 3rd Edition. Paul Stamets. Ten Speed Press, ©2000.
SB353.S74 1983 Mushroom cultivator: a practical guide to growing mushrooms at home. Paul Stamets. Agarikon Press, ©1983.
SB353.3.C2C36 1980 How to grow mushrooms. Norman W. Tape. Information Services, Agriculture Canada, 1980.
SB353.5.S55K6 1993 Growing shiitake mushrooms in a continental climate. 2nd Edition. Mary Ellen Kozak and Joe Krawczyk. Peshtigo, Wis.: Field & Forest Products, ©1993.
SB733.E64 2003 Epidemiology of mycotoxin producing fungi. Edited by X. Xu, J.A. Bailey and B.M. Cooke. Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer Academic, ©2003.
SB733.L27 2003 Advance of the fungi. E.C. (Ernest Charles) Large. St. Paul, Minn.: American Phytopathological Society, ©2003.
SB998.N4D8 1957 Friendly fungi: a new approach to the eelworm problems. C.L. Duddington. London : Faber and Faber, [1957].
TT854.3.B47 2001 Rainbow beneath my feet: a mushroom dyer's field guide. 1st Edition. Arleen Rainis Bessette and Alan E. Bessette. Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 2001.
TT854.3.R52 1980 Mushrooms for color. 2nd Edition. Miriam C. Rice, Dorothy Beebee. Eureka, Cal.: Mad River Press, ©1980.
TX804.R67 1995 Mushrooms, wild & tamed: over 100 tantalizing international recipes. Rita Rosenberg. Fisher Books, ©1995.

Library of Congress Call Number Scheme:

BF - Psychology
GN - Anthropology
HD - Land Economics
Q - General Science
QA - Mathematics
QD - Chemistry
QE - Geology
QH - Natural History and Biology
QK - Botany
QL - Nematodes
QP - Physiology
QR - Microbiology
RA - Medicine
S - Agriculture
SB - Plant Culture
SF - Animal Culture
TX - Cookery
Z - Bibliography


These titles are held in the Kneebone Collection and may also be available in the general Life Sciences stack area. Titles with an asterisk indicate that the title is available in both places. Holdings given below reflect the Kneebone Collection only.

  • AMI Mushroom News (continued by: Mushroom News), v.1 (1955)-v.34 (1986)
  • Atkins Newsletter, no.1 (1960)-no.104 (1963)
  • CMGA Bulletin
  • Darlington's Mushroom News, v.3 (1950)-v.10 (1966)
  • GCRI Annual Reports *, 1954-1976
  • MGA Bulletin, 1946-1954 (Incomplete), 1955-1986
  • Mushroom Information: MI, no.1 (1984)-no.14 (1997)
  • Mushroom Journal * (continues: MGA Bulletin), 1987-2000, 2001-2002  (Incomplete)
  • Mushroom News * (continues: AMI Mushroom News), v.1 (1955)-v.60 (2012)
  • Mushroom Notes
  • Mushroom Research Association Reports, 1946-1949, 1951-1952, 1954
  • Mushroom Science *, v.1 (1950)-v.14 (1995)
  • Mushroom World, v.1, #2 (Dec. 1990)-v.23 (2012)
  • Mycologia *, v.39 (May-Dec. 1947)-v.72, #2 (March-April 1980)
  • Newsletter of the Mycological Society of America, no.1 (1950)-no.30 (1979)
  • National Centre for Mushroom Research and Training, Annual Report, 1986-1988
  • Phytopathology *, v.41 (1951)-v.68 (1978)
  • SpawnMate Newsletter, v.1-v,7, #1 (1982/1988) & Suppl.