About the Transaction Collection

From modest beginnings in 1962 as a  groundbreaking social science magazine Transaction: Social Science and Modern Society—later Society—Transaction Publishers evolved to become the “Publisher of Record in International Social Science.”

The Transaction corporate archives document the historical trajectory of social science research as a foundation for policy-making within advanced and developing societies. Primary source materials document the evolution of social thought, emerging methodologies, and the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of social science research. The history of publishing and marketing in the social science realm and the transformation from print culture to scholarly digital publishing are also highlighted within the archives. With over five thousand published titles to its credit, Transaction Publishers has been central to the circulation and globalization of the social sciences.

The Archives are arranged in three series: Transaction Publishers Archives, Irving L. Horowitz Academic Papers, and C. Wright Mills. Materials in the first two series up to the year 2000 have been digitized and are available on this site. All materials not digitized, as well those that are scanned, are also available for use in the reading room of the Eberly Family Special Collections Library.