Jerry Jones


Jerry Jones graduated from Harvard University in 1961, and continued on to the Harvard Business School, where he met Barbara Franklin and Fred Malek. After graduating from Harvard Business School, he began working for MacKenzie and Company, a management consulting firm, and from there bought his own company in Chicago. Jones came to the White House at Malek’s request to help reorganize the White House Personnel Office. In April 1972 he instituted an audit system to track the progress of the Nixon Re-Election Campaign’s field work. In November 1972 he returned to the Personnel Office, where he was promoted to Director in January 1973 and became responsible for hiring individuals to work on the White House staff. During the Watergate scandal he had custody of the Watergate tapes. When President Ford took office, he remained staff secretary for nearly a year. After some work in Texas and New York City, he became director of the policy office in Bob Dole’s presidential campaign of 1996. After President George W. Bush was elected in 2000, he assisted in hiring Pentagon personnel.

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