Emblem Books - Feedback


Please email spcollections@psu.edu with any thoughts or suggestions about the Project.

We thank the following people for their feedback and support:

  • "Emblems offer an excellent means of exploring 'New Media' topics, because they are in a sense the first media-intensive use of the ambiguities created by the media themselves." -- Donald Kunze, Associate Professor of Architecture & Integrative Arts
  • "Making the University's emblem collection available on-line would aid both teaching and research by increasing access to this important body of texts."-- Garrett Sullivan, Assistant Professor of English
  • "The advantages of making a collection of emblem books such as you are planning to digitalize available to on-line users are inestimable. Penn State is very fortunate to have the collection it does, and has every reason to want to call attention to these resources, and to make them as readily available as possible." -- Claudia Swan, Assistant Professor of Art History
  • "As a student of emblem literature I would find it an invaluable resource for research; if it will be available on-line (for instance, on the library's web site, I'd try to incorporate it into my honors English class, as a part of the exploring the Internet section. And it would help demonstrate to emblem scholars the world over that Pattee's collection should not be overlooked." --  Kevin Berland, Associate Professor of English, Penn State, Shenango Campus
  • "To unite the two media [text and image]--and at the same time utilize and even pioneer some of the new techniques that until now were unavailable--seems to be a service not only to scholarship but to the development of future libraries in which words and pictures will be routinely accessed." -- Charles Mann and Sandra Stelts, University Libraries Special Collections