Eighth Air Force Archives: Mission Statement

Collection Mission Statement

Established within The Pennsylvania State University Libraries' Historical Collections and Labor Archives in 1991, the Eighth Air Force Archive acquires and preserves original primary source documentation and reference materials devoted to the history of this important strategic bombing group during World War II, and the role that 8th Air Force veterans played in defeating the Axis powers. The Archive also collects records of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society, documenting the Society's relationship with various state 8th Air Force veteran's groups, and other World War II era combat, aviation and support organizations active in preserving the historical legacy of "The Mighty Eighth," through publications, reunions and the building of war memorials.

Through donations and gifts provided by veterans and their families, local and state Eighth Air Force veteran's associations, private collectors, and independent researchers, the Eighth Air Force Archive collects a wide variety of materials including: original documents and manuscripts; veteran's correspondence, diaries, and scrapbooks; audio-taped oral histories; film and video-tapes documenting combat sorties and the history of the 8th Air Force; maps; photographs and original graphic art; ephemera; newspaper clippings; books, periodicals, and veteran's organization newsletters and publications.

Historical Collections and Labor Archives also collects and accepts historical materials, books, publications, and poster and graphic art devoted to World War II general aviation and military history, and the domestic home front during World War II.

Individuals and organizations interested in donating materials to the Eighth Air Force Archive can call (814) 863-3181, or write to Historical Collections and Labor Archives, E 104 Paterno Library, University Park, PA 16802.