Information Literacy Award Winners - 2015

1st Place

Ryan Henrici
Crystal Structure of the PRCI Ubiquitylation Module Bound to the Nocleosom

2nd Place

John Swab
The Streetcars and Suburbs of Baltimore: A Digital Humanities Approach

3rd Place

Carolyn Low
Tipping and Service Charge


Honorable Mention

Julia Warshafsky    
Recruiting for the Long-Term: Exploring the Effects of Terrorist Recruitment Strategies on Group Longevity

Joshua Bram; Martin Marino; Greg Wenner    
Organizational Models for Mobile Payment Systems in Low-resource Environments

Julie Meinert        
Influence of Childhood Trauma on the Relationship between Borderline Disorder and Emotion Recognition

Nishant Modi        
Effects on Health Outcomes Due to Cancer Survivorship and Other Chronic Illnesses

Jazmin Nixon 
Children's Exposure to Political Conflict: Effects and an Intervention Framework to Promote Social-Emotional Well-being       

Sydney Sherman 
Super Massive Black Holes and Their Host Galaxies